Grace Rwanda on Global National News July 16

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Grace Rwanda was featured on Global National News on July 16, 2010. Watch the segment.

Grace Rwanda on the ground in Rwanda in 2010

Grace Rwanda on the ground in Rwanda in 2010

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Board members receive warm welcome at Rwinkwavu School

The schoolchildren are singing, dancing and drum­ming with all their hearts. Hundreds of villagers, their energy palpable, encircle their three visitors in jubilant celebra­tion, even encouraging the “Muzungus” (Westerners) to join them in dance. Gratitude for their new school cannot be contained.

More than 600 students were part of the celebration — with music, dancing and speeches — at the March 26 official announcement of Grace Rwanda’s partnership with the Rwinkwavu School. “Each speaker was so grateful for what Grace Rwanda has done,” says Franco Bordignon, Grace Rwanda’s vice chair. “I didn’t think we had done that much, but that’s not the way they saw it.”

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Special event with Rwandan aid worker Carl Wilkens

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Sunday June 27, 2010.
You are invited to an afternoon with speaker Carl Wilkens. Wilkens has been a humanitarian aid worker in Rwanda since 1990, and he was the only American to remain in the country during the 1994 genocide. Each day he braved the deadly streets to bring food, water and medicine to orphans trapped around Kigali. His experiences have been featured in the New York Times, the PBS Frontline documentary “Ghosts of Rwanda,” and the National Public Radio documentary “The Few Who Stayed: Defying Genocide.”

Time: Sunday June 27, 2010 @ 2PM – 5PM
Location: St. Helen’s Church,  3871 Pandora St., Burnaby, BC (View Map)
There will be an opportunity to purchase Rwandan crafts, teas, coffees and fabrics.
Download PDF Invitation.

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Spring 2010 Newsletter

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Grace Rwanda Spring 2010 Newsletter.  Click to download.

Fall 2009 Newsletter

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Grace Rwanda Fall 2009 Newsletter. Click to download.