Grace Rwanda’s story in new ebook B.C. Without Borders

February 9, 2014  |  General

BorderscoverGrace Rwanda’s been profiled as one of 50 leading humanitarian charities in B.C.

The story of our charity, and of Grace Rwanda co-founders Elizabeth Johnson and Marie-Louise Kaligirwa, appears in a new Province newspaper ebook, titled, “B.C. Without Borders: 50 British Columbians Leading the Fight Against Global Poverty.”

We’re delighted to be a part of the ebook, and hope it spreads the word of Grace Rwanda: what we’ve achieved and what we dream of achieving.

Here’s an excerpt from our chapter:

As a Tutsi woman living in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide, Elizabeth Mujawamaliya Johnson lost the majority of her family under horrific circumstances. It’s the kind of experience that could turn a person bitter. But instead, Johnson drew on her tragic past to create a bright future for the next generation of Rwandans, Hutu and Tutsi alike. She found an inner amazing grace and established an educational charity called Grace Rwanda.

The Langley resident co-founded the charity with fellow Rwandan Marie-Louise Kaligirwa, another genocide survivor who lost nearly all of her family. Johnson worked for the Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture, CARE and World Vision in Rwanda before immigrating to Canada in 1999. Kaligirwa was an accountant working for large oil and gas and insurance companies before moving to Canada in 1998. The two long-lost school friends came to Canada separately and reconnected in the early 2000s by chance — an acquaintance who knew that Kaligirwa wanted to move from Calgary to Vancouver gave her Johnson’s number. “I didn’t know she was alive,” Johnson recalled. “We were all just screaming and in tears. It was really like a miracle.” Once joyfully reunited, the pair began thinking about ways to help rebuild their country.

If you are interested in reading more of Grace Rwanda’s story, you can order the ebook online at Amazon, Kobo, iTunes and Barnes and Noble.

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