Exciting News!!

July 4, 2018  |  General

Grace Rwanda is receiving a shipment of 26, 306 books from Book Aid International!!   Book Aid International is the UK’s leading international book donation and library development charity and they have generously donated thousands of books to be delivered to Kigali at the end of July.  While these books are free and the shipping is free, there is still a cost to Grace Rwanda.  It costs about $600 USD for the clearance into Kigali, as well as the cost of renting trucks to bring the books to the Gisozi warehouse.  There is also the cost of labour to hire people to load and unload the trucks and then to sort and stock the shipment once it has arrived at the warehouse.  Altogether Grace Rwanda is needing to raise approximately $1200 USD to get these books.  If anybody can donate it would be greatly appreciated!!  Don’t forget that donations are eligible for a tax receipt!

Please help these wonderful children continue to enjoy the wonders of reading!!

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