COVID-19 Essay Writing Contest

Edified Generation Rwanda is a non-profit organization working to improve the lives of children from low-income households through empowerment and education. Their current project is an essay or short story contest for school-aged youths, with COVID-19 being the theme. It is a pivotal time in the world right now and writing about this destructive disease will help kids learn and understand what is happening to all of us. Winners will receive prizes, including paid school tuition, school supplies, a laptop and, publication and exhibition during International Reading Month in September.

There are many benefits to writing and is highly encouraged in school. It has shown to improve reading skills, communication, focus and knowledge. This is why Grace Rwanda is happy to support many school and library essay contests throughout Rwanda. We want to continue to support educating the younger generation to prepare them for life as well-informed, productive adults.

Grace Rwanda, in partnership with Ineza Foundation, continues to bring books to community libraries in Rwanda to increase a reading culture with more resources and availability to both children and adults.

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