Join our New Year’s resolution: change lives with literacy

January 3, 2016  |  General


If one of your New Year’s resolutions was giving back and making a difference in the world, we can help.

Grace Rwanda is days away from an important move to establish an in-country office in Rwanda. We hope to be even more effective with our literacy and reading programming when we are on the ground and can create deep partnerships with locals and government.

We are on track to create two new youth centre libraries in Rwanda in 2016: first in Kimisagara, then Nyanza. With luck, we may be able to create a third library later in the year.

Of course, more programming takes more funding. So if you are looking at making a meaningful contribution to the world in 2016, visit our new Canada Helps charity page, and see how far your donations can go to provide new libraries for Rwanda this year.

No donation is too small. Remember, just $25 buys 10 primary school-level books, while $50 buys 10 secondary school-level books. Larger donations of $100 will provide 25 children with books, $200 will help 50 children and $400 will allow us to supply reading materials to 100 children and youth.

As always, your donations over $25 are fully tax-deductible. And 100 per cent of your donations go directly to our programs, as our organization is volunteer-run.

Visit Canada Helps to have a look at the good you can do, and help Rwandan youth have a very happy new year.

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