Grace Rwanda


To provide educational support for the children and youth of Rwanda by building collaborative partnerships and sharing resources, skills and funds and educating about Rwanda in North America.


Every child and youth in Rwanda has the opportunity to live in a supportive, vibrant, literate and healthy community. We believe that equal opportunity to universal education is essential to building this kind of community.


Grace Rwanda is a volunteer-run Canada registered charity founded in Langley, B.C. in 2009 by two genocide survivors and members of the Rwandan Diaspora, Elizabeth Mujawamalia Johnson and Marie-Louise Kaligirwa. We frequently work in partnership with Rotary Clubs in both Rwanda and Canada, as some of our members are Rotarians. Grace Rwanda's goal is to bring literacy to Rwanda's youth to help them succeed in rebuilding their country. Books are scarce in Rwanda, and expensive. So, since 2011, we have built six mini-libraries in Rwandan schools to give students access to reading materials. We have also renovated one of these schools in Rwinkwavu, and built a kitchen facility there that feeds more than 1,500 students. In 2013, we created our first community youth centre library in Rwanda's Muhanga District. Our next goal is to supply books to all 87,000 students in Muhanga as well as in 20 youth centres across the country. We've launched our Let's Read Together Mini-Libraries campaign at to fund our efforts. Please join us in bringing literacy to Rwanda, one book at a time.

Our Little Community Reading Club

June 3, 2018  |  General  |  No Comments

Reading clubThe reading club for children and youth at Grace Rwanda/Ineza Foundation’s office in Gisozi, Gasabo District is flourishing. Arita and Kirezi are among the readers, and they enjoy the sport activities there.

Arita states:” I love our corner library and the story reading time, and I can’t wait for the next Saturday Ineza sport day, … our girls team wins over the boys… we enjoy soccer, go-fish cards game for new English vocabularies, skipping the ropes, our Kirisense circle games, etc…”


Reading club

Ineza team

Christmas in Rwanda

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Although this is a wee bit late, here is how Elizabeth and Paul helped children to celebrate Christmas in Rwanda. They helped them to put on a play where over 80 people attended and provided them with a wonderful dinner.

New Ventures

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Whew!!  The website doesn’t get updated for a few weeks and there is SO much to tell. Not only do Elizabeth and Paul promote literacy and minister to their community, they also support the Rwandan people in other ways. Their most recent project was the training of 28 women and 2 men through the Kimisagara Youth Centre in entrepreneurship


This training was to prepare for the launch of a sewing and knitting self sustaining initiative to empower these ladies. Through this initiative Grace Rwanda will launch Days for Girls where they will start their recyclable hygienic pads project aimed to support other girls/women who miss school or stay home while menstruating.


This initiative is about promoting gender equality and basic human rights for girls and women in Rwanda so they can participate fully in society with no limitations.

The group that participated in this endeavour received a free hygienic kit thanks to The Riverside Calvary Chapel Sewing Bees ( and Rotary Club of Langley Sunrise ( They made and donated over 500 kits that are being distributed throughout Rwanda as a pilot project for needs assessment.


This project will be undertaken through an existing partnership between Grace Rwanda/Ineza Foundation and The Ministry of Youth in the 10 libraries that have been established.  These libraries will include a small children’s corner to allow patrons who are mums with young children to come in and work while their children enjoy the books. This is a true example of how the literacy project is promoting gender equality!!


Showing off their projects!!

Librarian Trainers Workshop

October 26, 2017  |  Events  |  No Comments

On August 16 and 17 our Canadian librarians held a workshop for more than 30 people who are working in the various community libraries across Rwanda.

Eager students

They spent the days showing everyone the many aspects of running a library, including:

  • The importance of reading
  • How to effectively market your library to encourage new patrons
  • How to organise your library to maximize efficiency
  • How to develop library programs

The workshop was a huge success and everybody left with some ideas to take back to their libraries.  It was such a positive and uplifting experience for everybody involved.

Setting Up Libraries

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Sorting books

The always amazing Elizabeth Johnson along with her fantastic husband Paul, had the four trainers (Mieke and Robin Wishart, Mary-Jo Ohl, and Erica Taylor) on the go from the moment they landed at the Kigali Airport – no time for jetlag for this group!!

Organising and shelving



The team spent many days at several different libraries helping to sort, organise, and shelve books that were generously donated by Grace Rwanda.  It was hard work but well worth all the effort.


The team was very lucky to always have amazing people to help with the hard work of setting up libraries.



A job well done!!


Canadian Library Trainers in Rwanda

October 25, 2017  |  General  |  No Comments

Leaving from Vancouver airport

It has been awhile since the last post but a LOT has happened!  On August 4th, four Canadians (including three professionally trained  librarians) flew to Rwanda to help set up libraries and do a two day training workshop for all of the library workers throughout Rwanda.